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  • The Red Faced Man

    The Red Faced Man

    The Red Faced Man

    Once before you filled the air with warmt...

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  • I have known

    I have known

    The father who never fathered children. The child he never got to k...

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  • The cat.

    The cat.

    There once lived this cat who loved to hunt. She would hunt all day and hunt all night. But one day her owner walked over to her and told her. "No more hunting from now on cat" "No more hunting and that's that". The cat was sad because she felt she needed to hunt well that's

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  • Mary Jane: TEA PARTY

    Mary Jane: TEA PARTY

    Under the shady cedar tree,
    You're invited at three-thirty,

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Welcome to Firebird Poetry

Poets since time began have longed to share their art and experiences with other people.

Now you can publish your poetry online, free of charge, with Firebird Poetry and reach a global appreciative audience.

Your poetry will be read worldwide as entry to the site is free to readers – everyone will have access to read and rate your poetry; making your hard work and creative efforts worthwhile.


We are keen to encourage and support young people of all ages to write, read and understand poetry.

Firebird Poetry will make annual awards consisting of:

  • 1st Prize - £2,500
  • 2nd Prize - £1,000
  • 3rd Prize - £500
  • 20 Commendations - £50

All poems featured on the Firebird Poetry's website will be judged by a panel and are eligible for the awards.
Submissions should be received by 30th September 2013 and winners will be notified by 15th Decemeber 2013.


Our Judges

Louis de Bernières:
Won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best Novel... More
Paul Blezard:
Author and broadcaster… Founder of the Chelsea Poets... More
Joanne Harris:
author of ten novels, including Chocolat - which was made... More
Fiona Mountain:
award-winning historical novelist who was for ten years... More
Michael Warburton:
Poet and Founder of Firebird Poetry. Member Oisin's Circle... More


Global Patron of the Firebird Poetry Prizes

Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki