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  • Monarch queen

    Monarch queen

    Wrapped in her silk cocoon
    She grows her wings
    Out blooms the Monarch queen

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    who am i to complain?...everytime i change the channel i see others in pain...children have been shot down and killed!..what is this world coming to? where was their shield?...i feel so hurt words cant express..this damn sure put my emotions through a strenuous test!...some

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  • The Wonder of Wasted Weirdness

    The Wonder of Wasted Weirdness

    That pregnant prison yard prophet
    smells her death on a broken bree...

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    For one who drinks Scotch
    Beer tastes queer, Gin is like brine
    And Cocktail...hotchpotch!

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  • The Puritan

    The Puritan

    She keeps a shop or should I say, the shop keeps her; selling ...

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