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The Naked Truth

Author: Susanne Payne Susie Payne

Rating: 2.5/5 (2 votes cast)

Here’s the naked truth
For how to treat a lady
When she’s one of a kind
Her love will make you whole
The one whose heart beats truth
A special essence of love
In its purest form
Selfish impulses won’t do
For your void will never be fulfilled
By pretty faces gleaming in your direction
Flirting with disaster
When you treat ladies like objects
Conquests of idolatry
Your thirst never quenched
Seeking more
Possessions, the temporary “ahhh…”
As if it builds you up
But fake food never nourishes
And doesn’t mind being eaten
Only tantalizing your senses
So you choose your path
Licking the Earth of all its impurities
Until you’re addicted
And the real truth eludes you
Right in front of your face
This chance blown by
So next time…
Open your heart
Bring her a rose and hand it to her
Pick it from the garden if you have to
Better yet bring her your humility
Honor her with your respect
See her inner beauty first and express it
Her outer shell, the cherry on top
Allow her essence to expand in your presence
Before you forget what you’re missing
Tell her
Write her
Hug her
Kiss her
Hold her
Explore her heart.  Explore her mind
Treasures you could never imagine
Appreciate, adore, and cherish her
Let her move you
For your happiness is hers



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